Step 1

Download the latest stable release here

Step 2

Unzip that file with a Unzip_software to a directory somewhere on your computer and remember where you saved it. All files will be saved in a folder with the name 'QMSOS-x.x-full'

Step 3

Create a new MySql Database, and a new user with full privileges.

Step 4

Run the script /sql/Sql_Install.sql to create the tables in the database you just created

Step 5

Open the file /config.php and set the parameters.

Step 6

With your FTP program, upload all files in the exact same structure to the root (preferred) or to a subdirectory on the server where you want to install CMSMS. If you are using a hosting provider the root directory will usually be public_html. Locating the files in public_html will make your site available to users as If you create a sub-directory below public_html (eg. public_html/somename) your web site will only be available the sub-directory as

Note: Be sure to upload all files in "binary" mode. Do not chose "auto" or ASCII.

Step 7

Open the following pages:

http://your_root/index.php?page=client   --> The page to call the numbers

http://your_root/index.php?page=display  --> the display page

http://your_root/index.php?page=take-number  --> The page to print the tikets, only if you use printer mode

http://your_root/admin --> The admin panel login page: uses the following users.

Super Administrator:

user admin
password admin


user admin
password admin